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Welcome to Devils Run Club

A community-based Toronto Running Club.

Who Are We?

We are a community-based Toronto Running Club focused on bringing together runners from around the city to train together! We believe team work makes the dream work, and that fun is an integral part of longevity in sport and exercise. 

We also believe in quality movement and training to reach our goals, ultimately running faster and more efficiently than ever before. We integrate a combination of preparation, running mechanics, and speed training to achieve this quality.


Our Philosophy

With a strong background in track & field, kinesiology, and strength & conditioning, our philosophy is built around quality training.

To us, quality is the foundation that all training should be built upon to optimize running performance, minimize the risk of injury, and ultimately fully enjoy the process. As professionals in the running industry it is our purpose to bring knowledge and awareness of a complete and holistic training program to runners, teaching them the tools for success in their running journey.

These tools are established through our 3 Training Tenants, encompassing effective preparation before all run sessions, developing running skills, and improving speed and endurance. These Training Tenants drive our coaching and programming both in Team Practices and Personalized Coaching.

Our Training Tenants


Mobility & Activation

Preparing the body to run through mobilizing and activating joints and muscles that have been sedentary most of the day sets us up for success in our sessions.


Running Mechanics

From our background in track & field and kinesiology, we know there is a strong skill component to running, just like any sport! By learning to run and developing that skill, we can run faster and more efficiently, ultimately feeling greater ease in our stride and minimizing our risk of injury.


Speed & Strength

One of the biggest components adult runners lack in their own running is an element of speed & strength! It is essential to develop our overall speed and strength to improve our power output when running, effectively raising our running potential. This makes all other paces easier and more sustainable, and opens us up to new PR's! 

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